Army brat

Good for you like a daily vitamin

Releasing like a detoxing probiotic

Intense foreplay

Sexy thick pleasantly plump

Clever nubian

Lyrical full lips

Sensual heavy hips

Round face natural short hair

Brown Sugar in the raw poetess

Elementary school speech class attendee

Playground chubbo

Only child for 12 years

May 27th type of gemini

Hypnotic as the snare drum

Survivor who is anything but silent

Home cooked meal comfort

Bitter sweet balsamic vinigrette

90s R & B purist

Law of attraction practioner

Multi-sensory educator

The most high's creation

Masterpiece worthy of all museums

The record breaking sale in an auction

The one the ancestors stood in line for, bled for, cried for, died for

Microphoned trained

Radio her-story maker

One who has always done more than the social services, higher education, broadcast radio job descriptions required

Cocktail of passion, service, creditials and lived experience

Tireless worth ethic

Aspiring Applied sociologist

Self-identified masculine womyn's / left of center / non-binary / Transmasculine biggest appreciator

Connecting code switcher

Alto sunshine

A serious work in progress

The Voyce

A Dial Movement









Aquired Taste of Love

Upcoming Event

Organizations that contracted (so far this year) with Voycetress Media, LLC in 2018: Herkimer County Community College, Dickinson College,Lehigh Carbon College,Shippensburg University, Presbyterian Senior Living Center, Market Square Presbyterian Church - March 10, 2018 SGRho: Celebration of Sisterhood -

March 5, 2018 Women of Color Leadership Forum Dinner -

March 1 - 3, 2018 LGBT Center Central PA GSA Summit & Queer Trans Activist Summit @ Dickinson College -

February 24, 2018 Co-Facilitate LGBT Center of Central PA Queer People of Color group -

January 24 - 28, 2018 Creating Change Conference Washington, D.C. -

January 20, 2018 National Organization of Women (NOW) Salary Negotiation Workshop -

January 13, 2018 Launch of a Glass with B -

Organizations that contracted with Voycetress Media, LLC in 2017: PERSAD, Pressley Ridge, The Program ...It's About Change, Janet Bixler, AMiracle4Sure, Nathaniel Holmes, LLC, NRCDV, Gettysburg College, Presbyterian Senior Living Center, Dickinson College, PA Association of Non-Profit Organizations (PANO), Shippensburg University, Mansfield University, Institute for Disabilities Temple University, PADDC, HACC, PA Department of Health, Pinnacle Health, Women of Color Network, Inc., BLI Inc., Lebanon Valley College, Defense Logistics Agency, Dauphin County, YWCA Of Greater Harrisburg, PSU Month Alto, PSU Abington, PSU University Park, PSU Greater Allegheny, University of Maryland Largo, and Central Pa Women's Chorus -